What Happens After We Die?

This is the biggest question that we pose to ourselves throughout the course of our lives.  What happens after we die?  Well, this is a question that many people have been talking about for generations without success.  However, when talking about the physical body there are a series of events that occur that we need to deal with.  The main thing is dealing with the estate or property and debts we leave behind.

When we die it is generally an unknown date and time.  In fact, if we could predict when and how we were going to die then life would have a totally different feel.  With this in mind, contacting an estate planning attorney dowagiac mi sooner than later is a good idea.

When we work with our estate, we are working with everything that we have accumulated throughout the course of our lives.  This includes money, stocks, assets, property and even our family.  When we hear the word estate many people relate it to the rich and wealthy.  However, this is a word that relates to everyone. 

When we die it is important that we have actions and wishes in place to deal with our estate.  If we don’t the probate system will jump in and start to snatch it all away for their own personal benefit.  This is why contacting a lawyer and having your final wishes put into play is very important.  If you don’t, chaos can ensue.

Your remains

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What will happen to your remains?  Will you be cremated or will you be put into a plot?  Where will your ashes go and why?  Will there be a funeral or will there be a private service?  These are all questions that need to be asked and answered. 

When it comes to your estate it may seem like a cut and dry situation.  However, making sure that all your pieces are in place will help ensure that everything you worked for remains and isn’t squandered or devalued for the pleasure of others.