The Stages of a Dental Implant Surgery

If you are considering dental implant surgery, it is important to know what exactly the procedure entails. Getting a dental implant surgery charleston involves numerous stages that your dentist will take you through. Understanding these stages will give you a good idea of the duration of the procedure and prepare you for what to expect.


The first stage involves a thorough examination of your mouth with the help of x-rays. These images are used by the dentist to view the overall condition of your mouth and ascertain what needs to be done. This stage allows the dentist to make a treatment plan.

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Surgical procedure

This part of the process entails securing the titanium rod for the implant into the jawbone. The implant surgery can take up to 2 hours per implant and once this process is completed, the dentist will fix a temporary crown over the implants.

Recovery time

This stage is dedicated to allowing the bone fusion process. During this stage, patients can expect slight swelling and bruising. During this period, the bone tissue that the implant is attached to starts to fuse with the titanium rod.

Abutment filling

Once the bone fusion has happened, the dentist will take you back into surgery to fit the abutment. This is a socket-shaped device fitted on the dental implant. This functions as a shock absorber that interconnects the implant and the permanent porcelain crown.

The process ends with the fitted implant along with the final crown in place which may need a filling at a later date. These four stages of dental implant surgery are what you should prepare yourself for.


Including the initial consultation, the medical examination, the surgical procedure, and the placement of the abutment, the entire process of receiving implants can take anywhere between 3 and 9 months. This widely depends on the circumstances and time taken for healing by every patient.